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The Nakano Judo Diagnosis System lets you identify the issues that are preventing you from accomplishing your Judo goals. If you are building bad habits and ineffectively training, you will find it difficult to break out of those bad habits. However, we can take action now to help you have a better Judo life. I have helped many Judokas with their transformation and I am excited to help you too.

What People Say

-Nyla Valencia

3-time National Champion

Panam Bronze Medalist

-Aden Valencia

4-time National Champion

2-time Panam Gold Medalist

-Get started in 5 Steps-

  • 1. Free consultation

    To learn about, and address, your needs and goals I will begin with having a conversation with you. In addition, I address any questions or concerns you may have regarding this program. *No fees will be assessed for this consultation.

  • 2. Scheduling 

    We will arrange a regular practice time for your program.

  • 3. Identify your skill level

    I will administer the Nakano Judo Diagnosis System to identify the issues that are preventing you from accomplishing your Judo goals.

  • 4. Create a customized training plan

    I customize a program that suits your needs based on the Nakano Judo diagnostic system for each student.

  • 5. Training begins!

    The one-on-one private video sessions will be recorded live, so you can review them any time.

    Let's become a better judoka!

9 Reasons to take the Nakano Judo Online Program


Smarter Practicing Through One-On-One Training

Have you reached an impasse in your Judo training? Are you looking for a new way to accelerate your path to becoming a master judoka? Or have you just experienced a breakthrough and are looking to maintain the momentum in your judo training? If so, I am here to help.

I created the Nakano Judo Online Academy to help judokas find intelligent and effective ways to improve their techniques. While the existing literature will serve to explain standard judo techniques, students who completely rely on bookwork may be at a disadvantage. This is because those students will not have the guidance they need to avoid bad habits. In the worst cases, the bad habits have been engrained through repetition, requiring months or years to root out.

It is for these reasons that the best Judokas receive direct and pointed feedback from instructors. They practice smarter because they are not developing bad habits and know precisely what they need to work on. If you are aspiring to become an elite level Judoka, it is necessary that you have proper guidance from a professional instructor. 

The Fundamentals of Judo

Are you applying the 6 principles to your Judo?

Taking Advantage of Japanese Judo

Especially if you are a beginning Judoka, you may be wondering why Japanese Judo has been considered the most best approach. 

At its core, Japanese judo is so effective because it embraces the fundamentals. This is important because judo exercises many complex mechanics, which are based on these fundamentals. If a Judoka adhere to these fundaments, it becomes easy for them to prevent bad habits (which are difficult to break).

Shintaro Nakano

How Deep Do You Want to Go?

My passion for Japanese Judo leads me to work with only a handful of students per month, so that I can focus on quality instruction.

“Shintaro Nakano brings to SJSU Judo the Japanese version of Judo, which is a little bit different in that they do a lot of execution on a move with speed. He moves fast and he throws all our big guys, so of course they are just amazed that he could do this. But he is showing us what true judo looks like.”


-Yoshihiro Uchida, America’s first Olympic Judo Coach




Corbin Balitactac

Black Belt Competitor

The U.S National Ranker

I started doing private lessons with Nakano Sensei as a national level cadet competitor having a hard time making the transition to the junior level. As soon as we started, he immediately identified some flaws not only in my technique, but my competition plan as well. Nakano Sensei was able to finetune details that I had no idea existed, and along with the strategies for competition that we discussed after watching match footage, I was able to see results in shiai within one month. After just two years of being under his instruction, I was able to take second place at IJF Junior Nationals as a completely different competitor than I was before I started working under Sensei. My time working with him is indispensable and I’m very lucky to have the chance to practice with someone as knowledgeable as Nakano Sensei.

Tiani B.
White Belt

I believe that private lessons are beneficial for everyone who takes them. Everyone has room for improvement, and that's not a bad thing.  I really like the private classes because I can ask questions without feeling embarrassed. Since I'm still a beginner there are a lot of things I'm unsure of, so naturally I have questions.  Asking questions in front of everyone is hard for me, and while I'm doing online private lessons I don't have to ask questions in front  of a large group.  Another thing I like about private lessons is that I can get one-on-one work with my form and I can practice with my friends at home. It's fun learning and improving in an environment I'm comfortable in. I recommend online private lessons to anyone who wants to try them out!

John R.
Masters/Veterans Competitor
Brown Belt BJJ
Blue Belt Judo

My judo practice began with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I heard about Nakano Sensei’s seoi nage and tai otoshi from a few training partners who I respect. I live far from his dojo, so I reached out to him about the Online Program. We discussed my martial arts background and goals for training. By the end of the first session we had put together a number of set-ups to drop morote seoi nage, and he taught me many concepts to practice to make the throw more effective. After one session I was fully ready to practice the throw on my own. What started as just an old BJJ player’s inquiry into a core judo throw has evolved into a continuing teacher-student relationship. Private lessons with Nakano Sensei have greatly improved my Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Are You Ready to Unleash Your Full Potential?

While I do not believe there is one “right way” to motivate a student or guide your practice, I am confident that I can help you accomplish all of your personal Judo goals. Once you tap into your potential, your judo success becomes infinitely easier.

Be Efficient.

We will tailor training to maximize efficiency. I take pride in customizing my program for every judoka. No matter your strengths or weaknesses, I can help you drastically improve your craft. The Nakano Judo Online Academy is here to help you become a better Judoka.


The Nakano Judo Online Academy is not a group-setting class. There will not be slow moments where you are simply listening to an instructor or a classmate for hours at a time. Instead, I am focused solely on you and your development. This allows you to not only avoid developing bad habits, but to develop good technical skills in a much quicker timeframe. 


Many instructors will focus on helping their students pick up strategies to win tournaments. Granted, this can be an appealing option if you are a competitive judoka. You may even win some tournaments through this approach. But having said this, taking this approach doesn’t necessarily mean that your judo will improve. You can be doing long-term damage even if you are seeing competitive successes.

Signs that The Nakano Judo Program is for you?

I am working hard, but my techniques are just not effective.
I am frustrated with competition results.
I am not getting enough technical feedback.
I need more one-on-one instruction.
I need to change the structure of the training.
I need to root out bad habits.
I just need to figure out what is wrong.

I want to adopt the Japanese approach to judo.

Contact me for any questions or for the waitlist . I work with only a handful of students per month.