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Shintaro Nakano is a KODOKAN 5th Dan Black Belt born in Miyazaki, Japan.

He started his Judo career at the age of five and learned from the beginning the traditional beliefs and values of Judo. He graduated from Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to coming to the U.S., he was 8-time Japan National Team member where he competed and trained with the best in the world.


Member of the Japanese National team from 1998 to 2008

2007: 5th All Japan Kodokan Cup 66 kg
2007: 3rd All Japan Industrial Championships 66 kg
2006: 5th All Japan Kodokan Cup 66 kg
2006: 2nd All Japan Industrial Championships 66 kg
2004: 1st All Japan Industrial Championships 60 kg
2004: 1st U.S Open 60 kg
2003: 2nd All Japan Industrial Championships 60kg
2002: 3rd Japan College National Championships 60 kg
2002: 2nd Tokyo Collegiate Tournament 60 kg
2001: 3rd All Japan Kodokan Cup 60 kg
2000: 3rd Japan College National Championships 60kg
2000: 2nd Tokyo Collegiate Tournament 60 kg
1999: 1st Japan Junior National Championships 60kg
1999: 5th Russia International Tournament 60 kg
1998: 1st Kyushu Championships 60kg
1997: 1st Kyushu Championships 60kg
1994: 1st Italy Junior International Tournament 60 kg

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2020 Hawaii International Training Camp 

Shintaro Nakano Judo Clinics

My Journey as a Coach

Nakano Sensei began his Judo coaching career with the Canadian National Team in Montreal. Later, he was recruited by Head Coach Yoshi Uchida to serve as the Judo coach at San Jose State University in California, the premier North American college for Judo. He has brought the team to back-to-back National Collegiate Judo Championships in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Additionally, he has coached Marti Malloy to achieve her bronze medal win at the 2012 London Olympics and silver medal win at the 2013 World Judo Championships.

I’ve conducted over 50 seminars/clinics in San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Honolulu, Hilo, Montreal, and Quebec, to name a few.

We are what we practice.

Throughout my life, I have come across plenty of situations where one truth has been impossible to ignore. That truth is that we are what we practice. 


Judo is a Life Journey.

I have spent over 35 years of my life as a Judoka. My judo journey began in Japan with Japanese style Judo. I quickly absorbed the traditional core teaching and was selected to be on the Japanese National Team at only 18 years old.

Good luck is the Mother of Opportunity

In Japan I developed a foundation for the Judo knowledge that I have today. I have had the opportunity to meet fantastic coaches and mentors while training. I quickly discovered that good luck is the mother of opportunity. That opportunity was in meeting the best sensei that Japan currently has to offer, Akira Inoue Sensei, father to Kosei Inoue. Akira Inoue Sensei was a key force in accelerating my life as a Judoka. We still stay in touch to this day, as he continues to be an outstanding mentor in both judo and in life.

After training under Akira Inoue Sensei, I was led down a road of heavy personal development. It occurred rapidly. When I became a small dojo owner I committed myself to continuing the judo life journey that began with Inoue Sensei. Through modern online technology I can now extend my experiences with Inoue Sensei and his teaching of Japanese style judo to my students. I discovered that through online coaching, I could meet more people, and help improve the lives of beginner and elite judoka alike by sharing my life experiences as a Judo athlete. That evolutionary process resulted in the Nakano Judo Online Academy.

Becoming a Better Judoka

The Nakano Judo Program teaches you proper technique to improve the quality of the execution of those techniques.

I sometimes look back and think about how life could have turned out differently. There could have been a situation where I was training seven days per week, yet wasn’t seeing the results that I was expecting. I hated (and continue to hate) losing, so if I kept failing, I would have felt extremely frustrated that I wasn’t improving. If all of this occurred, I could have quit Judo entirely.

Luckily, that didn’t happen. I was blessed to have an outstanding sensei who helped me quickly improve. In the end, I want you to have the same experience that I had. I want you to enroll in an experience where you receive custom Judo training and experience the improvement that you’ve always envisioned. This is why I created the Nakano Judo Online Academy. It’s a combination of the training that I received and the training I wish I received.

Contact me for any questions or for the waitlist . I work with only a handful of students per month.

Thanks for submitting! I will get you back as soon as possible.

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